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The Alignment


To navigate this world in a state of being, that has you feeling presence. A presence with who you are + the surrounding situation. It’s important to identify where you feel most alive, most in presence with states of joy + happy. These places may be strong pieces to your puzzle of which direction do I move towards.


The gratitude in our being, in our awake hours, in the decisions we are making, in the lives we are living within, in those we are surrounded by. Gratitude gives us the courage we are worthy to move beyond our current moments + into anew adventure. The importance of gratitude, is to understand the contribution you can make into our world, will also provide gratitude for others.


One two step, where to from here. The process. Which decisions do I need to move with, where am I feeling this is not possible, what are the steps I require to achieve to reach a dream. Do I align with my values + live these. Am I looking for growth, for change. How do I do my day differently.


The combined efforts of your continuous commitment + the process you have aligned with, will give rise to the artistry. The artistry you desire. A business, a creative project, a community venture, a contribution to caring for nature, the adventure dream. The artistry of your dream reaching a completion phase, a launch phase.


What form of position within your community, your project, your business, your family do you find yourself within. Is there time to construct a new dream. Where am I feeling my contribution aligns + where do I need to question the integrity of my position. We are all undergoing changes, so it’s vital right now, we reconsider our position.


To be alive + healthy + happy, is the most worthy dream worth chasing. Here’s to all those needing the discussion points to move through, as you question where you are at. The depth of how happy you are feeling, will be a very vital contributor to how healthy you are feeling. We are going to open conversations + scenarios to drop in with your self inquiry, to seek clarity within.


The wisdom gained from your experiences here, alongside the wisdom moved within your past – we are all our own best navigators of who we are + what we give value too. It’s of the most importance we value our wisdom, value our growth + what matters most to us. This phase, is exciting + it’s truly about you owning who you are.


Commit to change.

Change Phase

The blink of an eye may bring forth change. Or the courage to step each day into constant change. There is hints of commitment + recommitment always.

The Excitement.

Excitement Phase

The excitement of a different feeling in the air. Something new, something asking for you to show up differently. Growth through the new, is exciting. The plan here is to trust the feeling, connect to what brings you this feeling.

Community Alignment.

Community Phases

How will this allow me to interact differently within my community? Am I experiencing community in a new way? Can I show up as my authentic truth. What has changed within me + therefore changed my commitment in my community?


Navigation through change

As I grow within who I am + take a moment to experience the depth of what growth means. There is an essence of navigating a different version of yourself. The presence process is so very dedication + important. The integration of those around you may need to be aware you are going through a phase of navigating a different commitment to yourself.

Exploration with space.

Depth in Exploring

Know that the exploration phases may take a considerable amount of time. You may grow to love the road you are on whilst exploring where you are finding passion + purpose now. You may need to re-enter this process many times, to seek clarity.


What is true for me.

The alignment of where I give my focus + courage, is the potential of all the places I am navigating towards. Trust this process, continue to seek clarity as to what does feel exciting for you + be inspired by all the possibilities. There is a connection to continuing to align to what best feels good for you, do this, more of this.


A dreamers paradise